Current release: OAQLS 2.0_u06
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Welcome to OAQL Server, the Java architecture for connecting in an easy way all business data in the world. OAQL Server stands for 'Oriented Architecture Query Language Server'. It is a set of tools to create open and secure applications. It allows to create visible applications, but its strength is essentially all that is invisible.

What is it ? This is some properties :

from an Enterprise Service Bus ...

Execute a remote process (like a web-service, but simpler)
Execute a process to an OAQL Server behind another server
Execute an OAQL source code with Java
Execute a remote container in static way
Execute a remote container in dynamic way

from a Database Middleware ...

Select query between 2 remote database engines
Prepare and execute a query
Parse a remote select query and execute OAQL on each line
Execute a transaction
Execute a transaction between 2 remote database engines

from a Business Process ...

Execute a volatile process immediately
Store a process in a container
Execute a stored process immediately
Execute a stored process in two days
Schedule a stored process
Create a container in static way
Create a container in dynamic way

this is immediately a cluster for high availability ...

this is an Application Server ...

this is a Public Key Infrastucture ...

this is a Framework ...

So what is it ? This is a new way of conceiving your projects. It makes things easier, saves time and it is using all of the modules at once that you understand its power.
Setup Start your first node Connect with the editor Connect with Java Customize your OAQL function with Java

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